Fleecease - Washable Medical Rug


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Extremely soft, very dense and supportive medical grade sheepskin. They are an extra-large size and can be put on the bed or chair and used in direct contact with the skin. Also, perfect to use as an extra-large luxury sheepskin for baby.

SupportiveThe structure of genuine high-density sheepskin allows the body to be supported by millions of resilient and springy wool fibres, which provides total support and comfort for your body.

HealthyThe natural wool properties of FleeceEase act as a form of preventative medicine, soothing pain and assisting in the prevention of sores.

Highly Absorbent: Genuine Australian sheepskin has the ability to absorb up to 33% of its weight in moisture, drawing perspiration away from the skin, which is then slowly released by evaporation, allowing the body to feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

LongevitySheepskin's durability is unsurpassed by other natural fibres and woven wool alternatives.

Dimensions: 110cm+
Pile height: 25mm
Colour: Oaten