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Sheepskin Care Instructions

We often get asked "how do I care for my sheepskin" and our answer is "When cared for correctly your sheepskin can literally last a lifetime" so we thought we could put together a wee guide to help you out.

The Golden Rules

Never wash your sheepskin in hot water, cold to warm water only (max 40 degrees celsius).

Never dry your sheepskin in direct sunlight or in a tumble dryer, always dry it inside on a clothes horse or outside in the shade.

Always use the wool or gentle wash option on your washing machine.

Always use a sheepskin brush after its washed (before it is drying) and after it's dried completely.


If you are going to store your sheepskin for long periods of time do not use a plastic bag, use a large linen based bag or another form of breathable material. Sheepskin will naturally absorb moisture in the air and when packed away in plastic this can sweat.



Use the 'wool wash' cycle on your washing machine.

Use a mild liquid household detergent in cold or warm water (max 40C/105F). Do not use soap or washing powders containing enzymes or bleach, or which are alkaline.

Do not use fabric softeners.

We recommend biodegradable and wool-based liquid detergents.



Use a metal bristle based brush after you have washed it before it dries and after it has completely dried.

Brush your sheepskin every few days if you stand or sit it on it a lot, it is normal for small fibres to come loose and need to be pulled from the brush.

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